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Montessori Education VS Mainstream Education


Is Montessori right for your family?

Making the decision as to where you will send your child to school can be a difficult decision. We want you to understand the key differences between a Montessori education vs mainstream education. 

Our Vision

To offer a strong and enriched academic program that provides children with skills that foster independence, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility. Developing a love for learning that will stay with the child their whole lives.

I want my child to be in an environment that: 

2018-09-20 09.20.50.jpg

Montessori Education

Encourages him or her to explore his or her interests without interruption.

School Days

Traditional Education

Has an external curriculum, taught at specific intervals each day.

When considering education:


Montessori Education

I'm open to learning about all methods and want to find one that is the best match for my child

Image by Chris Liverani

Traditional Education

Believe traditional methods are the best option

My child learns best when in an environment that is:


Montessori Education

Orderly, bright, peaceful


Traditional Education

Noisy & full of visual stimulation

At school and at home, I want my child to learn to be:


Montessori Education

Independent and do things for him or herself

Making Fruit Salad

Traditional Education

To rely on adults for everyday life skills

The most important outcome for my child is to:

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Montessori Education

Be happy, well adjusted and self-motivated human being

Outside the School

Traditional Education

Continue to seek adult guidance

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