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Adolescent Program
Middle School

As in all our other levels, a Montessori Adolescent Program is a prepared learning environment based on the developmental needs of the student. This environment is designed to nurture the psychological, emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth of the adolescent – essentially, the whole child.

Solid academic preparation is important for future success, so all the expected subjects are offered.  Most of the Math and Language Arts are taught with textbooks in a traditional classroom setting, with practical applications woven throughout their integrated projects. The sciences, history and geography are covered through their projects

What makes our Adolescent Program different?

What makes the Montessori Adolescent Program different is how these studies are implemented and supplemented. The students learn through integrated, hands-on projects with a focus on the story of human interdependency, the study of civilization and the natural world.  Each will provide real-life applications, interaction with a professional or specialist in their related field and hands-on work, as well as research for students with written, oral & visual presentations.

Although academics are important, they are only one facet in the growth and maturity of your child. The adolescent is undergoing tremendous physical and emotional changes. They are trying to establish independence and their own identity. They are trying to answer the questions “How do I fit into society?”  and “What am I good at?”.  In order to help them answer these questions, we must first understand their needs and then provide them with the tools and environment to flourish.


When asked, most parents say they want their children to be happy, well-rounded and successful. What better way is there to prepare our children for life than to foster confidence, independence, social, emotional and intellectual growth?

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