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Middle School & Adolescent Programs for children aged 12-15

The Montessori at Roseborough Adolescent Community follows the holistic development of adolescents by serving their natural needs of social independence, economic independence, personal dignity, and justice. This nurturing environment supports the social, intellectual, and spiritual development of each individual as they are building the adult they will become.

The integration of both manual and intellectual work interconnected with studies driven by interest is a critical aspect of the adolescent Centre for Study and Work. The work adolescents do is for the betterment of their community, they set aside the view of ‘me’ and focus on ‘us’. They live this reality and further develop a sense of human solidarity as they prepare to enter the adult world.

Through collaboration, freedom, and responsibility the adolescents work for the independent functioning of their community. They organize themselves socially to create shared guidelines as they work for a common aim.

Through work, they realize their strengths and weaknesses (and how to compensate for them), they develop an understanding of who they are and all their potential. By recognizing the gifts of each adolescent, the community offers opportunities to work together; solve real-life problems; limitless work of the mind, hands, and heart, all to support the adolescents as they grow a sure sense of who they are and the contributions they can make as a citizen of the world.

 •  Ages 12-15

 •  Equivalent Grades 7, 8, 9

 •  Community Outreach & Activities

 •  Life skills, lessons, and mind building excericies

What makes our Adolescent Program different?

What makes the Montessori Adolescent Program different is how these studies are implemented and supplemented. The students learn through integrated, hands-on projects with a focus on the story of human interdependency, the study of civilization and the natural world.  Each will provide real-life applications, interaction with a professional or specialist in their related field and hands-on work, as well as research for students with written, oral & visual presentations.

Although academics are important, they are only one facet in the growth and maturity of your child. The adolescent is undergoing tremendous physical and emotional changes. They are trying to establish independence and their own identity. They are trying to answer the questions “How do I fit into society?”  and “What am I good at?”.  In order to help them answer these questions, we must first understand their needs and then provide them with the tools and environment to flourish.


When asked, most parents say they want their children to be happy, well-rounded and successful. What better way is there to prepare our children for life than to foster confidence, independence, social, emotional and intellectual growth?

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