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Infant Program

The slotted box with chips will challenge the visual perception of the child by refining the capacity to discriminate the width of the object. This material is typically for a child around 18 months of age. To the adult eye, this may not seem too challenging, but because the chip can only be inserted into the box one way it requires much more refined fine motor skills. This being said the slotted box with chips will aid in the development of coordinated movements of the wrist, elbow and forearm refining the eye hand coordination of the child. This material offers the opportunity for the child to explore different movements of the hands and fingers creating opportunities for repetition and concentration. “ A child has a natural desire to master the voluntary use of his organs of movement. If he fails to do so, he cannot externalize the fruit of his intelligence.” - Maria Montessori The secret of Childhood, Ballantine Books

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