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Primary/Children's House

Playing on the playground is one of the children‘s favorite activities and they reap so many benefits from being outside. On the playground the children are free to run, jump and climb thus developing their large and small motor skills. They are also developing socially as they have to wait their turn. They guide each other when they have learned a skill, and they are always ready to help a friend if they get hurt. In addition, they are taking risks (which can turn into anxious moments for us adults)! However, it is through taking these risks that they build up their confidence and bravery.

Also from being outside, the children gain a respect and appreciation for nature. At the moment the children are fascinated by the caterpillars and earth worms. Using sticks they gently move them out of harms way and they have even built little homes for them using the wood chips!

The outside world is full of beautiful sounds, sights, textures and life. So take full advantage of this beautiful weather with your child and:

*Go for a nature walk

*Set up an obstacle course

*Try a messy art or craft outside

*Listen and identify all the sounds you hear

*Relax and read a book in the shade of a tree

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