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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Children take more pride in work that is freely chosen than in work that has been required of them. Many of us have negative memories of getting up in front of the class for a presentation. But in our Elementary classroom, the students are excited to showcase their work. Their classmates are generous with applause and compliments, and often ask the presenter not only questions about the content, but also about why the presenter chose a topic, how long it took them to work on it, and where they got their information. In this way, the students are encouraged and inspired by each other’s efforts, and naturally develop confidence in themselves and in their work.

Ms. Sommer

We are finishing the school year with new discoveries, reviews and follow-up. The older children are working diligently to finish their last big research papers. We are looking forward to a few fun events to wrap up; Friday, May 21st at Camp Geneva and Friday, May 28th water fun day. A sincere thank you to all our families and all the support we have received this year. We are already excited about the year ahead. Have a great Summer!

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