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Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Insect discovery work is always very popular. At the moment, our whole class is in awe! A caterpillar, who ate all of the milkweed leaves, formed a chrysalis. We observed it daily and noticed that the wings had formed. We could even see their colors! Then the butterfly emerged. Not all of us witnessed this, but we did get to see the empty cocoon. Now a beautiful monarch butterfly visits our courtyard on a daily basis. We are convinced it is our baby butterfly!

It is unbelievable how fast Summer is approaching. Ms. Erika and I have been reflecting on the past school year. We have enjoyed every moment, especially those when we were able to step back and watch as the children went about their day working independently of us. Every day brought something new, and we have delighted in the development of the children’s concentration, independence and love of learning.

During the last days of school, we will be busy celebrating May, June and July birthdays! On Thursday, May 27th, the extended day children will dig up the time capsule they buried on the first day of school. I will send you photos of their discoveries! And on Friday, May 28th, we will be celebrating summer with an ice cream sundae party. Yummy!

We would like to recognize two new additions to our classroom. A warm welcome to the children, as well as to their families.

We celebrate the last day by enjoying watermelon and ice cream, our end-of-the-year tradition. We will be asking for one volunteer to donate two watermelons. We are also asking for a $1 donation for the ice cream. If your child has dietary restrictions, please let me know so we can find a way for your child to participate in this activity.

This is a year to remember -- different and always changing! Over the past 21 years, I have had many memorable experiences. But this year has been the one I have grown most as a teacher, and it has been because of you -- the parents. You recognized and supported us as we adapted to new ways of life in the classroom. We hosted South Africa Montessori teachers-in-training via Zoom. We wear masks to school, only to find they disappear somewhere between the classroom and car! We sit in the same spot most of the day, which is hard to do when your friend is not near. Social distancing is so difficult when you have exciting news! But we have made all this the new normal, and everyone can recognize their name and their friends' names. All this to say children are quite flexible!

" absorbent mind is a special power of the young child that can be called the power of adaptation. This power is a process whereby the young child absorbs the culture of her time and place, taking in all the spirit, the customs, the ambitions and attitudes of society simply by living in that society." (Dr. Annette Haines, my Montessori trainer) How accurate this quote is! I have truly seen each child readily adapt during this most unusual time. Until I see you in the new school year, have a fun summer!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching as we continue to work, learn, and enjoy ourselves until the very last day.

In the next few weeks we will dig up the Time Capsule we buried in the garden last August. We can’t wait to see the drawings we put in the Capsule!

Here is a quote about children playing outdoors from author Richard Louv. He is an American non-fiction author and journalist, best known for his book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder. “When children play in natural spaces, they are far more likely to invent their own games than in more structured settings- a key factor in becoming self-directed and intensive adults later in life” Below are pictures that prove him correct!

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