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Toddler Program -

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

As we finish the school year, here are some reminders for the month of May. We’ve rescheduled May Pole Dance to this Wednesday, May 12. If you would like your child dressed up, please pack an outfit. If you enrolled your children before March and haven’t rescheduled for a teacher/parent conference, please do so. Thank you for a great year, and please enjoy some pictures of the children working in the classroom!

We welcome a new child and his family to our community! He recently transitioned from the Infants with Ms. Jessie.

Children of this age truly enjoy listening to music, playing instruments, and singing songs, including songs with hand movements (finger play). Music is a part of our daily routine and works in the Toddler Program. It helps encourage the development of language and movement. It also encourages brain development.

When listening to music, the right hemisphere is mainly involved as it is involved with our emotions and self-expression. The left hemisphere helps us recall steps or movements. When singing and dancing, both hemispheres are working together, recalling the words to the music and steps.

Listening to music, dancing, and singing finger play songs are fun activities to do at home with your toddler! It is a great way to redirect energy or to help soothe them when needed.

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