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Montessori at Roseborough

Education as Preparation for Life

Our Vision

To offer a strong and enriched academic program that provides children with skills that foster independence, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility. Developing a love for learning that will stay with the child their whole lives.

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Montessori Principles

Respect for the Child

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Teachers show respect for children when they help them do things and learn for themselves. When children have choices they are able to develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective learning and positive self-esteem.

An Absorbent Mind

Chemistry Students

Children can’t help learning. What they learn depends greatly on their teachers, experiences, and environment. Materials as designed to help the child soak up as many experiences as possible, heightening the learning experience.

Sensitive Periods

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There are certain periods of time when children focus their attention on specific aspects of the environment to the exclusion of others. For example, a child becoming engrossed in the excitement of learning to count by 100’s and they work on this task for several weeks becoming a master at counting by 100’s.


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The idea that children have a deep love and need for purposeful work. Children who are actively involved in a prepared environment and who exercise freedom of choice literally educate themselves, when given the materials that are designed with errors so the child can correct themselves.

Prepared Environments

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The calm, ordered space is designed to facilitate the maximum independent learning and exploration by the child, the freedom and self-discipline to choose materials that engage both the hands and minds of the students. Encourages the child to be concerned about facts and truths, not just what the teacher tells them.


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Typically, teachers are thought of as directing the process in a traditional classroom, the directress (lead classroom teacher) is charged with keeping each child supplied with difficulties suitable to his or her strength.

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Montessori Programs

Multi-age classrooms encourage cooperative learning and allow for broad emotional and social development. Each environment is dynamic, creating a nurturing atmosphere where younger children learn from older children. Older children master their knowledge by helping those younger than themselves.

"Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities." Dr. Maria Montessori 

What is AMI Montessori?

AMI’s global network empowers teachers and communities through the holistic approach of Maria Montessori, helping all children become truly capable and productive individuals by focusing on their moral, behavioral, emotional, and intellectual development.

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Our School News

Hear From our Parents

Our School Events

Montessori is about more than education, it's about creating a community based on our shared values and like-minded culture for our families to thrive. 

We invite you as parents to become active participants in our learning community. Whether you attend our Parent Information Nights, workshops, Cosmic Coffee, volunteer
to help with class projects or participate in field trips, we encourage and support your commitment to your child’s education.

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“The child who has never learned to work by himself, to set goals for his own acts, or to be the master of his own force of will is recognizable in the adult who lets others guide his will and feels a constant need for the approval of others.”  Dr. Maria Montessori

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Tuition Information

We are committed to establishing the intellectual, emotional, and physical foundation that will develop your child’s skills to become a well-rounded individual prepared for the real world. Your child will have the opportunity to excel academically while learning to respect themselves and others. In addition, they will discover how to handle conflicts and build a sense of purpose.

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